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How Far Can Brief Ubiquitous Language Go in Trademarks?

Business Attorney Oakland Law Firm Explores the Nuances of Trademarks


Business Attorney Pleasanton“Brief ubiquitous language” refers to small parts of a well-known trade name. Trademark questions often land on gray areas in the legal space. Even if you’re a trained business attorney, you can easily find yourself struggling to understand the subtleties of the Trademark Office’s reasoning. Legal fights over trademark nuances happen all the time. Recently, Apple lost a suit claiming that a smaller company (“DOPi”) could not use Apple’s little “i” in its name.


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Outstanding Legal Services

“The Poniatowski law firm provides outstanding legal services (I use the firm for business & personal matters). As a CPA, I’ve worked with many lawyers and firms… Mark Poniatowski has a very high standard for the professionalism in his firm. I have known Mark for over 20 years and he is respected by many members of the local community. I have been recommending his firm for over the last 10 years due to the high quality and high ethics of the law firm.”

John, Certified Public Accountant


Creditor Rights and Commercial Law Concerns Over Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a virtual currency that has exploded in popularity over the past year. Invented in 2008 and made widely available in 2009, this software allows people to make payments directly between peers, without interference from or reliance upon any central monitoring group. Perhaps the biggest attraction of Bitcoin is its complete lack of regulation by any federal government. Transactions take place in so-called Bitcoin Exchanges, which allow buyers and sellers to communicate directly. Continue reading