Business / Commercial Litigation

1. Breach of Contract
2. Corporate/Partnership Disputes
3. Unfair Competition
4. Writ of Possession (Claim & Delivery)
5. Writ of Attachment
6. Temporary Restraining Order/ Injunction
7. Fraudulent Conveyance
8. Deficiency
9. Receivership
10. Enforcement of Judgment
11. Fraud/Misrepresentation
12. Commercial Collections
13. Turnover Order/Contempt

Breach of Contract

This firm’s team of experienced litigators regularly handles breach of contract actions arising from business disputes, installment sale contracts, leases, secured promissory notes and unsecured promissory notes. With experience representing plaintiffs and defendants and handling disputes involving multi-million dollar claims, this firm’s business litigation team provides the practical legal skills and knowledge to assert our clients’ interests or defend them against claims while remaining steadfast in our goal to achieve our clients’ desired resolution.

Corporate/Partnership Disputes

This firm’s team of experienced business litigators appreciates the complex dynamics of closely held companies and business partnerships and is skilled at navigating and guiding our clients through the disputes that often arise. Our business litigation team has aggressively prosecuted litigation stemming from corporate and partnership disputes and obtained judgments in favor of our clients. Our firm has also resolved corporate and partnership disputes through mediation and arbitration, obtaining highly favorable results for our clients.

Unfair Competition

This firm’s commercial litigation team strives to protect our clients from unfair competition practices. We work to take decisive action to protect our clients’ interests in the face of litigation and also counsel our clients on how to proactively protect their businesses from potential future threats.

Writ of Possession (Claim & Delivery)

Our commercial litigation team routinely handles civil litigation for secured creditors, including applications for Writs of Possession to recover personal property collateral. With a keen and thorough understanding of the rules of each court in which we practice, our team of litigators enjoys unparalleled success obtaining Writs of Possession that facilitate the recovery of our clients’ collateral.

Writ of Attachment

Our commercial litigation team is skilled in obtaining Writs of Attachment to protect our clients’ interests and to safeguard our clients’ monetary recovery during ongoing breach of contract litigation by imposing pre-judgment liens against the borrower’s real and/or personal property. By combining this firm’s sound knowledge of pre-judgment remedies, like Writs of Attachment, with this firm’s expertise in judgment enforcement, we obtain the maximum recovery for our clients.

Temporary Restraining Order/Injunction

Our team of commercial litigators is skilled in obtaining temporary restraining orders and injunctions that either prohibit other parties from taking certain actions adverse to our clients or that require other parties to take certain actions to prevent injury to our clients. Our team has successfully obtained temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions that have halted foreclosure proceedings pending the resolution of lien priority disputes between our clients and other lienholders.

Fraudulent Conveyance

This firm’s business litigation team represents individuals and businesses in lawsuits seeking to recover property that is claimed to have been transferred for little or no consideration or with the actual intent to hinder, delay or defraud a creditor. Our litigation team thoroughly reviews the facts of the transactions at issue and vigorously asserts all applicable defenses to preserve the assets in question for our clients and to minimize any liability to our clients.


This firm’s team of experienced litigators is equipped to pursue judgment for the collection of deficiency balances owed following the disposition of collateral in secured transactions. With experience handling deficiencies for loans secured by personal property, residential real property, commercial real property, or any combination thereof, this firm is skilled at determining under which circumstances deficiencies may be pursued by law and works to maximize the recovery for our clients.


This firm successfully represents lenders in actions to appoint receivers to protect our clients’ interests. With extensive experience representing lenders in situations involving distressed real estate loans and commercial loans secured by real property, our litigation team possesses the knowledge and expertise to initiate receiverships to preserve and protect the value of the collateral, businesses and assets securing loans made by our clients.

Enforcement of Judgment

In addition to obtaining judgments for our clients, this firm’s commercial litigation team possesses more than 45 years of combined experience enforcing judgments for our clients. Our team is skilled at locating and identifying a judgment debtor’s assets and pursuing post-judgment remedies to enforce and collect on monetary judgments. Our judgment enforcement procedures include any combination of the following: filing and recording abstracts of judgment (real property liens), filing UCC Notices of Judgment Liens (personal property liens), wage garnishments, bank levies, and notifying applicable licensing boards of judgments against licensees.


This firm’s business litigation team applies its expertise and knowledge representing clients involved in business transactions where fraud and/or misrepresentations result in harm to our clients or other companies. Our team tirelessly advocates on behalf of our clients to obtain just results for our clients.

Commercial Collections

This firm provides top quality legal skills and knowledge to our clients seeking to collect on business-to-business and other business-related debts. Our team of commercial collections litigators utilizes a collections strategy that is effective, aggressive and efficient and yields maximum collection recoveries for our clients. Our strategy, tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, includes demand letters, filing lawsuits, obtaining turnover orders, obtaining judgments and enforcing judgments via various enforcement remedies.

Turnover Order/Contempt

This firm’s commercial litigation team has extensive experience obtaining court orders in state and federal court for the turnover of property to our clients. In addition to obtaining Turnover Orders, this firm’s litigators provide the practical legal skills and knowledge to enforce Turnover Orders by initiating and prosecuting contempt proceedings when parties fail to comply with a turnover order.