Poniatowski Leding Parikh Helps Local Horse Ranch Operation Obtain Conditional Use Permit

horse business attorneyWe recently helped a horse boarding and stables operation in the San Francisco Bay Area to successfully obtain a conditional use permit from Alameda County to continue in business at their long-time existing location. Prior to our involvement, the process had been hung up for over two years without resolution.

We represented the client at two Sunol Citizens Advisory Committee public hearings and helped to negotiate solutions with the County of Alameda and neighboring property owners to obtain approval of the conditional use permit application. As noted above, this use permit had been stalled for several years, partly due to several changes in the applicable law that occurred during that time, which presented insurmountable problems for a do-it-yourself approach. The resolution we crafted allows our client’s business to continue to operate without interruption. It was a win-win solution for our client, the neighbors and Alameda County.

Use a Good Business Attorney for Real Estate Issues

When dealing with commercial or residential real estate issues, it always saves time and money to work with a lawyer who deals with these fairly complicated issues every day. As part of our real estate transactions practice we represent clients seeking advice regarding land use, title, easement, zoning and all related issues.