Poniatowski Leding Parikh Supports The Preference Reform Legislation In Bankruptcy Matters Proposed By The Commercial Law League Of America

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The principals of PLP support the Creditor’s Rights Section of the Commercial Law League of America’s (CLLA) efforts to reform preference litigation, and agree with CLLA’s efforts to reform preference legislation, and CLLA’s position that preference reform is necessary to even the playing field between creditors and trustees.

In our opinion, all too often preference claims amount to a “shakedown” by trustees, who use out-of-state venue and litigation costs as leverage to compel innocent creditors to settle for business reasons rather than incur the excessive cost of litigating legitimate defenses. In particular, we agree with the reforms to Bankruptcy Code Section 547 recommended by CLLA requiring that the trustee meet and confer with the creditor and provide certain information as a condition precedent to filing an adversary proceeding to recover an alleged preferential transfer.

While many trustees engage in negotiations prior to filing the preference action, establishing an affirmative good faith meet and confer requirement on trustees to provide financial information to the creditor relevant to the claim and possible defenses creates a more even handed approach and reduces the uneven bargaining power enjoyed by trustees. This requirement will not prejudice the trustee’s right to recovery in cases where the creditor has no legitimate defense. We understand that CLLA representatives have met with members of the House and Senate to discuss preference reform and we support their efforts.

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