Legal Counsel Adds Value in a Commercial Property Dispute

Oakland Real Estate Attorney Discusses Why Representation in the Beginning is Best

Commercial Attorney HaywardWe recently represented the purchaser of a commercial business in industrial Hayward who had been served with a commercial unlawful detainer action. As part of the original transaction, the buyer had agreed to sublet the commercial real estate premises from the seller for a period before the purchase was completed. The buyer represented himself during the original purchase agreement, and retained us only a few months after taking possession, after he had been served with the commercial unlawful detainer action.  This action resulted from the seller/sublandlord’s failure to pay the master landlord the rent received each month from our client. We were able to negotiate a settlement on behalf of our client.

This case illustrates the need for legal representation for small business buyers and sellers early on in any business transaction’s development and negotiation. Here, our client’s decision to represent himself (as an “unrepresented buyer”) during the purchase and sale transaction, resulted in problems he could not anticipate (his rent payments not being passed on to the landlord) after the transaction closed. The time to protect yourself from legal challenges is before you sign documents confirming the deal!

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