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2014 Annual Recap

As we reach the end of 2014, we look back with gratitude on the opportunities we had to help our clients achieve their personal and professional goals. We want to express our appreciation to you, whether a client, vendor, colleague or friend. All of you have helped make the year a success for our firm during our first full year working as Poniatowski Leding Parikh Law Corporation. 

We hope that 2014 has been a successful year for you as well. We realize now more than ever that strong relationships, both new and old, are the cornerstone of our firm.
What are we thankful for?

The rebounding Bay Area economy
 in 2014 brought a resurgence to our real estate practice. Sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants, brokers, property managers, lenders, borrowers and developers all retained us to handle a multitude of both transactional and litigation matters. Many of these clients have been with us for years but had not been very active during the Great Recession, and many are new clients that have been referred to us. 
Business transactions have picked up
 as well, as you would expect with the surge of business activity we are experiencing as the Great Recession truly fades in our rearview mirror. Given the recovery, our creditors rights practice has entered a cyclical down cycle, as defaults rates and bankruptcy filings decline. We have been working hard to maintain our long standing relationships with our lender clients, however, knowing that the cycle will again turn as we have seen several times since we started the firm in 1989. We hope, of course, that the turn of the cycle is still many years in front of us!
Now that the new estate tax laws are in place 
we provided estate planning and trust services to many new clients and existing clients that needed updates in 2014, coordinating their estate planning objectives with their business and real estate holdings.
Thank you for your business, and for being a part of the success of our firm in 2014.

We look forward to being of service again in 2015, whether in support of you, or of someone you choose to refer to us. Let us know whenever we can be of assistance.

Outstanding Legal Services

“The Poniatowski law firm provides outstanding legal services (I use the firm for business & personal matters). As a CPA, I’ve worked with many lawyers and firms… Mark Poniatowski has a very high standard for the professionalism in his firm. I have known Mark for over 20 years and he is respected by many members of the local community. I have been recommending his firm for over the last 10 years due to the high quality and high ethics of the law firm.”

John, Certified Public Accountant


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